Upcoming releases:

karisma 2 - part two in the karisma-archive series will be released late june on bonbon records.
this time it's a 2CD-set limited to 99 copies.

an as yet unnamed new american label has offered to release a CD with bk. it will be a budgetlabel
a la Pure but with proper jewelcase-covers and editions of 1000 copies. new material will be recorded
during the summer and the release will hopefully be out within a year?
working title: karmakoma

bad kharma is featured with one track on the new compilation 2CD "Esthetics of Cruelty"
released on Cold Meat Industry. It's a pretty harsh track lifted from the sessions for the "kali" CD.


new split c46 with (govt.alpha sideproject) carbonic acid
is now released on xerxes,japan


The 3CD-set Karisma was released just before Christmas, still available.
The first three volumes of an ten tape collaboration with L.Marhaug
has been released. Each tape will be released on different labels.