Klubb Kanin at Teater Avantgarden, Trondheim 990417

For this evening, Origami Republika hosted an all evening variety-show at Teater Avantgarden located in central Trondheim. Eight acts performed during the event consisting of fractions of the Republic as well as some invited allies and friends. Each group had a ten minute slot to do what they liked with.
Clop Neplat opened up the evening with his dark rumbling noise, washes of white noise was slowly fading in and this was accompanied by a green bubbling video-projection that was very well sync'ed with the music. At the end some beats entered as well. A nice short appetizer. Origami Erotika quickly followed with a 'pornostalgic' performance consisting of a cut-up of some old porno-flicks from the 20's or 30's (well it was mostly one naked woman dancing with some short clips of more um..'action') which were accompanied with melancholic piano-music. Most of the audience were constantly giggling during this one. Sketch then entered the stage and they to had an ancient film as backdrop but this time it was a car-race being projected. Music-wise they offered us their own warm blend of technoambient; slow break- beats, analogue synth-blubber and some heavilly treated guitarsounds. Like most of the bands this night they stood (or sat actually) frozen behind their intruments so there was nothing much to watch except the video so next the next act the Lasse Marhaug Band, was a wild contrast. Consisting of five members this time but Lasse and 'vocalist' Kim was they main focus here. Lasse was manically beating his contact-miked tambourine and Kim doing his wild physical act, this was backed by a wall of noise created by the other two guys behind their electronics. Kim also totally demolished an old TV-set that had made it's way to the stage with splinters of glass flying all over the place. This seemed to upset some audience members but judging from the roaring applause that followed it was a big success. After this a there was a 15-min. break so people could catch their breath and maybe visit the loo. Makrosonic unit KA opened up the second half of the night with some deep bass drones and lots of electro-acoustic sounds on top of it. One of the two members were dragging a pipe against some metalsculpture but it didn't seem to be miked or maybe it just dissappeared under all the other sounds. That was also the charm with the performance, that you didn't know just which of the sound you heard were being pre-recorded or which ones that were played live. Bad Kharma the evenings invited swedish guest then followed with a very quiet set consisiting of mostly field-recordings played at a very low level which according to some audinence members created the most intensive and perplex atmosphere since people weren't actually sure whether something was performed or if they was just hearing themselves.The last musical group for the evening was Arm, another electro-acoustic set. Starting of with some seconds of guitarstrumming they quickly moved on to a dramatically shifting set of drones and loops and various other sounds flying around. One guy was playing some home-built trigger thing which for some moments seemed to switch on lamps standing on the stage. Another guy had a film projected upon his t-shirt for some moments so this set was both visually and aurally stimulating. The set was ended with a very loud section were the band only played those kind of tube-fuelled emergency horns. The evening was then nicely rounded of by Folkets Overvakningstjeneste (The People's Surveillance Service) who proj- ected and old swedish tourist film about Norway that was depicting the norwegian people as very healthy and sporty since they are such big fans of mountain trekking. During this they also handed out plates of food to the audience on with some strange written notes stuck into the meal.

In conclusion this was an unusually successful night ,with about 70 people in the audience the place was packed, and events like this is really important since it shows that Trondheim really has one of the most interesting scenes in Scandinavia when it comes to experimental music and culture, more of this please. RS