1995: bad kharma was founded in the city of umeå, sweden.
the name was used for the noise/sound-experiments of
ronnie sundin.
musical influences were: illusion of safety, the hafler trio, merzbow.
some bedroom tapes were made but none released.
1996: more bedroom tapes, first digital (DAT) recordings made.

1997: first official release was the pink polarbear? 7" which
was a through-the-mail-collaboration with
Lasse Marhaug.
and also the start of
bonbon records.
1998: the most profilic year for bad kharma - first CD, seltin,
was released on bonbon records, as well as the scandinavian
noise manifesto
(split release with Lasse Marhaug and Grunt)
and also the
karisma 3CDR.
1999: further collaborations with Lasse Marhaug resulted in the
RedTapeRot Series, planned to be a series of 10 cassettes but
only 5 or 6(?) was recorded and released
2000: the end. the descision to stop using the name was taken
and the project was ended with the retrospective
kosmos 6xCDR set
which was released through
Staalplaat's Open Circuit CDR Service
and included recordings made during 97-99.