short biography:

1990: project started in As, sweden.the first tape "memento mori" c40 was recorded under the name -NeGHaNTiL-
style:post-industrial. not released.

1990-94 The NeGHaNTiL-era. more material being recorded but never released.
titles include: "memento mori II" c60,"rituals" c45 & "prometheus" c40

1995 move to the city of umea. the name bad kharma is used for the first time.
style changes to experimental/noise/ambient-collage

1995-6 "horridoor" & "malform" tapes recorded. not released

1997 "amok/koma" tape recorded february. released in 5 copies and sent out to
various labels and people.

1997 "pink polarbear" 7" recorded (first collaboration with lasse marhaug) and
released in 100 copies on bonbon records which marks the start of that label.
collaborates on tape with origami replika, released on KomKol.

1997-98 the debut CD "seltin" as well as the track "wasa" for the "scandinavian
noise manifesto"
CD (a split release w/ b.kharma/l.marhaug/grunt) are recorded.
both CDs are released spring 98 on bonbon records and bonbon/jazzassin/freak animal records.
500 copies each.

1998 material for the triple cd-r "karisma" recorded in march.
move to the city of trondheim, norway for one academic year.
starts a 10 tape collaboration series with lasse marhaug,
each tape to be released on different labels.
"karisma" 3cd-r released in december (100 copies) on bonbon records.